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GreatAccess was started by Michael Lucking along with AtlantaIX.  Before his great misdeed, Michael sold AtlantaIX to TelX and GreatAccess to Net2Atlanta.  now, GreatAccess is primarily a colocation service hosting servers and websites in TelX's 56 Marietta street.

Our connectivity is awesome, due in no small part to the founder's connection to AtlantaIX.  Physical security is top notch, with building access limited by card & guard, floor access by card, room access by card and cabinet access by combination.  Our equipment has been up for years now with only a rare intentional reboot and no power outages.

Here's a list of our affiliated companies and some of our customers:

Net2Atlanta - Atlanta Business Internet

Atlantic Nexus - Residential Internet for Condominiums and Houses

Fast Fiber Internet - Fiber Internet for Atlanta and surrounds

WhitewaterVideo.com - Canoe & kayaking DVDs

Atlanta Label - Pressure Sensitive Labels

River Gypsies - Whitewater GuideBooks

Best-Adult-Toys.com - Sex Toys for Adults